Pelletizing fines, dust and sludge for recovery in metal smelting

Pelletizing with stiff extrusion
• Convert fines, dust and sludge into high-quality feedstock
• Homogenous mix ensures consistent pellet performance
• Low binder content for more material recovery
• Inexpensive dies allow precise sizing of pellets for most smelting processes
• Durability for handling and transportation

Steele stiff extrusion converts a higher percentage of your fines, dust and sludge into quality feedstock than comparable technologies — with lower operating costs and without compromising smelting.

Pelletizing fine wastes and by-products offers a lower cost, sustainable alternative to disposal, for a faster return on your investment.

A flexible approach to by-product and waste recovery

If you know stiff extrusion and all you need is machinery, we can provide that. If you need a turnkey system, we provide plant engineering and construction. We can also install and manage on-site pelletizing lines for sufficient volumes (500,000 tons and above for iron and steel, and lower volumes for many nonferrous metals), or work with our global partners to broker your products.