Complete plants for the production of fiber-reinforced cementitious panels, profiles and sheets

Economical and ecological technology for the processing of fiber-reinforced cementitious panels and other profiles and sheets

Extrusion technology benefits
Economical production system compared to other systems and building methods
Ecological as the system is largely based on the use of environment-friendly and waste materials
Extrusion technology offers a lot of technical advantages and a wide range of products which can be made
Extrusion technology applications
Wall panels, Claddings, Sound insulation panels, Floor planks, Stay in place formwork, Door and window jambs, Trims and specials Spacers
Fiber-reinforced cementitious extrusion technology

Fiber-reinforced cementitious products, profiles and sheets made by the extrusion method perfectly match a market with ongoing potential for growth and increasing demand for natural building materials. The processing technology, the products themselves and in particular the universal use of the panels within the construction of buildings offer a lot of advantages. Typical panels are made up of Portland Cement, natural cellulose fibers, rock flour (such as limestone powder), silica sand or fly ash in combination with other additives, engineering fibers and water. Core of this manufacturing system is a proven raw material processing and extrusion technology which can be matched to a large range of products from flat sheets to profiled building components of all sort.