Turnkey plants for recycling gypsum wallboard
HÄNDLE delivers integrated solutions for recycling gypsum wallboard

Gypsum wallboard recycling technology benefits
Material versatility
Application flexibility » different models for different applications
Low maintenance costs » easy service with fast replacement of wear parts
Gypsum wallboard recycling technology

E Series Even Feeders have been a key part of gypsum wallboard plants for twenty-plus years. The E Series handles wet synthetic gypsum, dry wallboard scrap, full wallboard sheets, wet wallboard scrap and crushed gypsum rock, metering an even discharge of material for your downstream processes without bridging and sticking. The powerful, economical disintegrators handle secondary crushing or additional size reduction of semi-stiff to hard materials, in either dry or moist form, as well as paper separation.The vibrating screens separate paper and gypsum power, with a single deck unit for screening into two parts.