Wet extruded bricks with low stress and texture levels thanks to a unique souring and homogenizing effect: circular silos by HÄNDLE are indispensable for the manufacture of high-quality products.

Defining characteristics
Little space requirement
"First in – first out" storage principle
Combined homogenizing, aging, storage and proportioning of material for retrieval
Uniform material moisture » no drying out by loss of surface moisture
Complete discharge, even of bulk material with poor flow properties
Modular design
Selective plasticity enhancement
The HÄNDLE circular silo series

Clay silos are the only pieces of equipment that make it possible to provide absolutely homogeneous, uniformly moist press body, and precisely that is a prerequisite for wet extruded bricks with low stress and texture levels. The unique souring and homogenizing effect is achieved according to the “first in – first out” principle in combination with hermetically sealed storage and pressure from the dead weight of the raw material. HÄNDLE is the only manufacturer producing circular silos in three different sizes with capacities ranging from 110 m³ to 1000 m³. In all three, the material discharges through a centrally located hopper enabling material takeoff in any arbitrary direction. The automatic hydraulic discharger is controlled and operated via modern PLC (programmable logic control) technology, so accurate material infeed, even from remote shaping plant, is no problem. The silo tower can be made of steel, in-situ concrete, pre-fabricated concrete components or brick masonry with reinforced joints.