HÄNDLE’s thoroughly practice-proven line of souring plant excavators for cross and longitudinal dredging has now been newly optimized in all detail and updated to the latest state of technology.

Defining characteristics
Sturdy, heavy weldment, as required for smooth operation of dredger and traverser
Bucket-position detection via inclination sensor
Ladders raised and lowered by hydraulic action and two-stage lifting speed control
Tapered buckets with curved transitions between bottom and sides for optimal emptying
Plastic wear plates providing lateral guidance for the bucket chain
Automatic bucket-chain lubrication with sprayed oil/air (on-chain sensing of lube points)
The HÄNDLE series of souring plant excavators

HÄNDLE’s line of souring plant excavators includes a series of type-EKBL longitudinal-dredging excavators and a collection of type-EKBQ cross dredgers. Both type series are available with 30-, 45-, 60-, 75- or 100-liter buckets with respective discharge capacities of 45, 60, 80, 100 or 130 m³/h. Customsized buckets can be provided with volumetric capacities up to 200 liter. Longitudinal souring plants are the most-used type of dredging retrieval system. They offer storage capacities ranging from roughly 1,000 to 15,000 m³. Longitudinal-dredging excavators come with ladder lengths ranging from 7 m to 18 m and a maximum swivel range of 90°(+45° to -45°). Cross-dredging souring plants enable optimal blending. Their storage capacities range between 3,000 and 35,000 m³. The cross dredger and its excavator traverser are designed for basin widths of 10 to 30 m and basin depths of 6 to 11 m.