For high-quality mixing: HÄNDLE’s newly re-engineered double-shaft mixers. Like any HÄNDLE-built machine, these double-shaft mixers are characterized by longevity and easy maintenance.

Defining characteristics
Extra-long mixing trough, so the material spends enough time in the mixing zone for good homo-genization
Generously sized watering mechanism with sufficient capacity for large amounts of water
Infinitely adjustable mixing knives for varying the forward movement-to-mixing ratio
Supplementary fixed knives that retard the material and intensify the mixing effect
Long service lives and low maintenance costs thanks to hard-wearing, easily accessible wear parts
Various optional extras - such as moisture control –that give the user a made-to-order double-shaft mixer for any individual set of requirements
The HÄNDLE double-shaft mixer series

A double-shaft mixer is a continuous-flow type that mixes, kneads and moistens the clay to optimize the blending and disintegrating effect. As such, its essential functions are to homogenize nonuniform raw material, mix different raw materials together, blend in additives, amendments and water, and open up surface-dry material. Consequently, double-shaft mixers can be incorporated at different points of the preparation process, depending on the immediate task, i.e., before, during and after comminution, as well as upstream or downstream of clay storage. For example, double-shaft mixers can be used for closely adjusting the moisture of a raw material heading for storage and for disintegrating surface-dry material on retrieval. In the feed section, additives and water can be blended in to give the material its desired properties. The mixing zone is quite long, so the material takes considerable time to pass through it, giving the numerous mixing knives ample time to optimize the material’s homogeneity.