The right combination of de­airing mixer and ex­truder for each type of product –  de­airing double­shaft mixers by HÄNDLE are thoroughly modular and variably sized.

Defining characteristics
Optimal mixing by adjustable mixing knives
Maximum delivery rate thanks to optimized filling of the de­airing chamber
Superior vacuum conditions thanks to the large­volume de­airing chamber
Economical extrusion thanks to best­possible homogenization of the body in the de­airing mixer
High durability thanks to robust design and minimized wear
Easy maintenance
The HÄNDLE de­airing double­shaft mixer series

For mixing, homogenizing, shredding and de­airing bodies. Some 2/3rds of the homogenizing effect in a de­airing double­shaft mixer takes place in the closed compression section. A buildup of high pressures in the pressure zone is vital for ex­cellent de­airing, and infinitely adjustable mixing paddles are indispensable for perfect mixing. The more thoroughly homo­genized the body, the better and more economical the extru­sion. A large de­airing chamber facilitates maintenance and im­proves vacuum conditions. Putting this scientific insight into practice, HÄNDLE lengthened the pressure zone of the de­ai­ring double­shaft mixers and increased the volume of their de­airing chambers. Type­MDVG de­airing double­shaft mixers come in five different sizes with volumetric throughputs ranging from 21 to 75 m³/h compact (37 to 132 t/h wet).