Our main strengths are the experience gleaned from the supply of more than 5000 extruders and our systematic approach to the practical implementation of cutting-edge scientific insight. Not for naught we are a leader in extrusion technology

Defining characteristics
Maximum throughput thanks to optimized filling of the de-airing chamber
Durability and low maintenance requirement at maximum operational stress tolerance thanks to robust gearing and minimized wear
Low energy consumption coupled with (optional) permanent operating-data acquisition
Better-than-ever vacuum conditions thanks to large de-airing chambers
Optimal "vacuum tightness" throughout the system, plus easy maintenance
Uniform column advance thanks to optimized auger geometry

HANDLE offers a complete line of combined de-airing extrusion units for a broad range of applications. Our units are of modular design, comprising extruders and de-airing mixers of various size. In designing our Futura II extruder, HÄNDLE systematically implemented the latest in mechanical- and process-engineering know-how pertinent to extrusion technology – and the resultant products boast accordingly favorable price-performance ratios and customer-benefit orientation. Available with barrel diameters of 200 to 750 mm, maximum extrusion pressures ranging from 24 to 65 bar and volumetric throughputs of 0.2 to 60 m³/h compact (0.3 to 105 t/h wet).