Original HÄNDLE parts are therefore characterized by optimized wear behavior, long service lives and easy handling for replacement.


HÄNDLE spare and wear parts for highest demands and maximum safety

At HÄNDLE’s, research & development is not confined to new machines and processes. Our spare and wear parts are continually improved and accommodated to the latest technical insights. Original HÄNDLE parts are therefore known for their optimized wear behavior, long service lives and ease of handling for replacement. As such, they help maximize the availability of your machines (including those of other makes) while minimizing unscheduled outages.

The essential products
Mixing knives and shaft-protecting sleeves made of various highly wear-resistant materials
Wear prevention for naves with a special ceramic coating ensuring optimal "vacuum-tightness"
Shredder knives for optimal comminution of de-aired body with different numbers of teeth made of different materials
Paddle shafts for optimal auger fill. Heavy-duty type with replaceable hard-facing
Augers fine-tuned to product and body and built according to different wear-prevention concepts
Different versions of clamp-anchored barrel liners
New, wear-optimized pan-mill scrapers » enormously extended useful life spans
Made-to-measure perforation and configuration of grid/screen plates made of six different materials
Fine roller mill scrapers with life spans extending well beyond 12 weeks
Roller shells for practically any kind of roller mill, available in different kinds of material