HÄNDLE counts among the world’s leading manufacturers of machines and equipment HÄNDLE and is a mid-range enterprise based in Mühlacker (Germany). Plant and equipment by HÄNDLE is used in all corners of the world for the manufacture of building bricks, pavers, roof tiles and ceramic tiles, Panels, and many more…  » Learn more…


Together with its parent company, HÄNDLE  belongs to an international group of  companies with locations in the USA, Australia, China, Germany, Poland and Russia, plus 34 regional representatives around the world.  » Learn more…


With the newly developed Gamma fine roller mill, HÄNDLE is providing its customers with an innovative system for grinding down to a minimum roller gap of 1 mm. The economical hinge type fine roller mill is specially designed and engineered for simple functioning, easy to operate and high availability. » Learn more

The impressive roof tile press with eccentric cam NOVA III

Röben Polska Sp z o.o. i Wspólnicy Sp. K. orders two Nova III roof tile presses with eccentric cam from HÄNDLE. Within the scope of wet and dry-side modernization at Sroda Slaska Plant II, that pair of far more effective four-field Nova III presses by HÄNDLE are set to replace the plant‘s three existing three-field presses. Decreasing the number of installed machines will greatly reduce the maintenance effort and attendant costs.  NOVA III

De-airing extrusion units Futura II

Our main strengths are the experience gleaned from the supply of more than 5000 extruders and our systematic approach to the practical implementation of cutting-edge scientific insight. Not for naught we are a leader in extrusion technology.  FUTURA II