With the Beta series of fine roller mills, HÄNDLE’s customers get a practice-proven, cutting-edge system for fine comminution at minimal possible roller gaps of 0.8 mm.

Defining characteristics
Very smooth, quiet operation thanks to vibration-cushioned uprights
Strict retention of roller width gap
Longer life spans for all wear parts and accordingly less maintenance required thanks to modern scraper technology, including optimized design of the hard-wearing scrapers
“Piggyback arrangement“ of drives and auxiliary drives
Optimal cost-benefit ratio
Quick, convenient adjustment of roller gap thanks to optional electric adjusting mechanism
The HÄNDLE Beta series

Primary and fine roller mills play a central role in the preparation of ceramic raw materials. Indeed, there is no alternative to roller mills for fine comminution as part of plastic preparation. Many brickmakers work with raw materials for which a roller gap of roughly 0.8 mm or wider achieves adequate comminution. HÄNDLE’s Beta roller mill concept was developed as a cost-effective, state-of-the-art alternative to the Alpha II. Beta fine roller mills are value-for-money machines offering effective roller gaps down to 0.8 mm. Four sizes are available with volumetric throughputs up to approx. 75 m³/h (132 t /h wet) for an 1-mm gap setting and a peripheral velocity of 20 m/s. And when we say “state of the art”, we are talking about things like optimal cost-benefit ratio, gap consistency and convenience of operation.